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Hi, there! I am Dr. Shullundia Bell! A Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Educator, International Published Author, Speaker and Image and Tax Strategist that loves to empower, educate, and transform individuals so that they may experience divine freedom in their mind, body, soul and their pocket book. She has over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and is currently helping women develop their own authentic style and experience a lifestyle of Holistic Abundance. She also believes that when your heart is aligned with the truly abundant nature of the Most High, you will truly attract all that you need to fulfill your purpose, pursue your passion and experience divine freedom. To stay updated on the latest styles and beauty tips from the pros text STYLEPRO to 444999

Now, while on the 2018 Authors In Business National Tour, I am visiting Atlanta, GA, Las Vegas, NV & New York, NY; to assist you (aspiring author and/or recently published author) to reach your maximum impact through recognizing your purpose. Let’s Change Lives Together!

Book Title: “Empowering Women with Style: Secrets Every Style Pro Know, But You Don’t”

Social Media: @shullundiabell

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