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Hi, there, I am Kelly DeGeare!

A California native and worked 25 years in the Interior Design business successfully, but knew there was more to her life. After losing her home, getting robbed, and finding out about her sons heart condition all in 2 weeks, she later wrote a book called “Hanging By a God Thread”. 
She now  has a radio show called “Every Story Brings Him Glory” where she enjoys connecting  with others that have overcome adversity.  She enjoys speaking, writing, theater, and has danced over 18 years as well. Now her passion is helping others building their faith and ability to surrender to God, as well as empowering others to follow their dreams and passions in life! 
Let’s Change Lives Together!

Book Titles: “Hanging On A God Thread.” & “Helping Hands”

Social Media: @KellyDeGeare

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